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Wintuk Is Starting Next Week @ The Garden!

Friday November 6th, 9:56 pm by TTSNYC.

Cirque de Soleil’s Wintuk starts next week, November 11st 2009 and goes till January 3rd 2010, so get your tickets now! If you haven’t seen a Cirque de Soleil show, this is your chance now. You’ll witness some amazing visuals, acrobatics, and see things you didn’t think possible. The show is all tied in with a story about a boy’s quest for snow. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a great holiday show. It’ll put you in the holiday spirit, while giving your family a treat. If you’re like me and have seen a different Cirque de Soleil show, go see Wintuk anyways because it’s completely different! Check out the various acts and see for yourself what the show has to offer. By the way, it’s playing at Madison Square Garden, another good reason to go, everyone loves the Garden!

Wintuk, Cirque de Soleil

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