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The Cube at Astor Place

Saturday December 6th, 9:40 pm by TTSNYC.

While known as “The Cube,” by New Yorker’s, it’s original name is the “Alamo” and this giant sculpture is located in Astor Place.  It’s hard to miss as it measures 8 feet along each side, and is mounted on a corner, weighing about 2,500 pounds.  The Cube is by Bernard Rosenthal and was installed in 1967.  The sides of this huge block are not smooth, but have indentations and levels.  The Cube is a popular meeting spot, as I have even met up with my friends here endless times.  You can’t miss the sculpture and everyone knows where it is.  If you live in the city, and you haven’t spun The Cube, get down there right now and go for it.  Yes, The Cube spins!  One strong person can do it by his or herself, but it’s easier to do with two people.  When it does spin, it’s a little shaky, but don’t be alarmed, it’s normal.  The Cube is located on it’s own little island right by the 6 train and Cooper Square, I’m sure you’ll find it.

A fun fact: The Cube has a twin located at the University of Michigan!

Google Map The Cube