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Cab Sense NYC Comes To The iPad

Sunday April 4th, 11:47 pm by TTSNYC.

The best way to make use of a great new Apple product is by installing apps. The iPad is no exception to this. The app store on the iPad offers thousands of apps for users to choose from at a touch of the finger. If you’re a New Yorker or traveling to New York, you know that or will find out about the hardships of picking the right corner to wait for a cab. If you’re with an iPad, you have a FREE friend to help you make the right choice. CabSense NYC is a totally FREE app by Blake Shaw that rates every corner of the city on a 5 star scale based on the cab activity of that corner. The app will change information based upon the day and time you are searching to give you the most up-to-date, accurate information. This app is FREE and is a can’t lose investment. Check it out and let  us know if your cab catching has improved.

CabSense NYC HD iTunes Link (This will open iTunes)