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Burgers & Cupcakes Make The Perfect Pair

Tuesday February 23rd, 8:52 pm by TTSNYC.


Head to Burgers & Cupcakes on 9th avenue and get everything you’re craving. While the burgers are good, the cupcakes are even better. Go for the large sized cupcake, you might have to share it though because these are hefty cupcakes. My favorite is the chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, it’s so moist, rich and perfect. You’ll make the trip to the west side just for this cupcake. Other flavors include your traditional buttercream, peanut butter and chocolate ganache, red velvet, berry, mint chocolate chip, and carrot with coconut. Go to Burgers & Cupcakes and see the combination that you have been living without.

Burgers & Cupcakes

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