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Lulu And Mooky’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream In NYC

Sunday October 18th, 12:20 pm by TTSNYC.

127 Allen St. New York, NY 10002


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Lulu And Mooky’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Sunday October 11th, 4:23 pm by TTSNYC.

Ever have liquid nitrogen ice cream? Well here’s your chance! Go down to the LES to Lulu and Mooky’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream shop.  It’s only been open for 2 weeks, located on Allen street, this tiny shop is a definitely a must-see for everyone. Pick from dozens of flavors like your simple vanilla and chocolate, to peppermint, pumpkin and hot chocolate. You can mix and match as many flavors as you want to create thousands of combinations. For my first time, I just tried vanilla and kept it simple. Once you choose your flavors, a few drops of flavoring is put into the mixing bowl along with a creamy base mixture. Everything gets mixed together and then the fun starts. The liquid nitrogen is added, which makes your ice cream solid and the bowl is engulfed in fog. Once it’s done mixing, your ice cream is scraped up and put into a cup ready to be eaten! It’s one of the coolest things to see and eat. It’s super flavorful and creamy, plus tastes better because you saw it made! Right now a cup is 50% off and will only cost you $2! It’s worth every penny, go make your creation now!

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Van Leeuwen Yellow Ice Cream Trucks

Friday September 4th, 10:06 am by TTSNYC.

When you spot this pale yellow ice cream truck, you know you have to run over and grab a cone of their newest flavor. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream has been making this delicious stuff starting in Spring 2008, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year and a half. They have their recipes perfected using only fresh milk and cream that is hormone free, egg yolks, and pure cane sugar.   The result is something that tastes just like home made ice cream and is perfect to end a summer day with.  I recently tried their Earl Grey Tea ice cream and it was better than you can imagine. It had just the right amount of sweetness and after your done enjoying a cone, you feel like you’ve had a cup of tea while the aftertaste remains in your mouth. Other great new flavors include their Cinnamon ice cream and their originals like mint chip, ginger, pistachio, and red currant. Since they are always moving, you’ll have to follow them on Twitter to see where they are at the moment. Typically, the trucks will be around Manhattan and Brooklyn.  The truck I like in particular is the one that is usually in Williamsburg. If you want to take some home with you, stop by your local Whole Foods and you can find pints there!

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream