Macy’s Fireworks On The Hudson

Wednesday June 24th, 10:26 pm by TTSNYC.

Yes it’s true, the Macy’s Fireworks are going to be shown on the Hudson River this year instead of the East River.  Don’t miss this fantastic show Macy’s puts on every year for the last 33 years, it’s next week Saturday on July 4th!  We are celebrating America’s 233rd Birthday and the 400th anniversary since Henry Hudson made his voyage on his river.  The show is scheduled to start at 9pm, so make sure you get a good view before the festivities start.  You can see the over 120,000 fireworks from anywhere you are in the city, if you are somewhat near the Hudson River and there aren’t any buildings in your way.  There are a few access points for the best views (Get there a few hours early! It get’s very crowded) and they are along 11th Avenue:

  • 24th Street
  • 26th through 30th Streets
  • 34th Street
  • 40th through 44th Streets
  • 47th through 52nd Streets
  • 54th through 57th Streets

I’m looking forward to the smiley face fireworks, and here’s a fun fact: the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks show uses 55 times more fireworks than the average American firework show!

The streets of Manhattan are always packed during the night of the 4th of July and a bunch of them close down, so it’s fun to walk in the streets.  All of the hot dog trucks will be out that night and you can get those glow necklaces everyone loves.  Enjoy the show and have a happy 4th of July!

Macy’s 4th Of July Fireworks

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