Ichimasa Sushi In The Theater District

Sunday February 7th, 6:12 pm by TTSNYC.


In the Theater District of New York, it’s hard to find a place that isn’t flooded by tourists and isn’t overpriced. Head to Ichimasa and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll find. Located on 50th street, this Japanese restaurant is the real deal with Japanese sushi chefs making your sushi and you’ll be eating amongst other Japanese as this is a popular place. The sushi is super fresh and is better than most sushi places you’ll stumble upon in the city. Their spicy salmon isn’t a roll of mush, but rather a real piece of salmon paired with a spicy sauce that is both tangy and packed with flavor, something they must have created with their own spices. Ichimasa has a cozy environment and is very intimate, just like a real Japanese restaurant should be. So before or after your show, go to Ichimasa and taste what sushi should taste like.


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